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#200265 - In Stock - It's 192 pages, 200 color photo's, 32 B&W photo's, hardcover. The birth of the muscle car, with big engines making big horsepower, marked not only a revolution in performance, but also a revolution in marketing. For the first time ever, car manufacturers tailored their product to a youth audience. They thrived in the 60s and early 70s, and were reborn in the 21st century. The All-American Muscle Car celebrates the fifty-year history of the breed through modern and archival photography, plus truly brilliant essays from today’s top muscle-car writers. Organized by theme's, chapters cover the introduction & early years of muscle, the trends that made muscle cars so wildly popular, and the pop culture that surrounded the cars in music, film, television, plus racing - both legal and illegal. Great rivalries are detailed: Camaro versus Mustang, and many many more. The book also explores the extremes at the end of the classic era, the Superbirds, Judges, LS6, Hemi, W-30, Ram Air IV, Stage I GSX, and 440/6 Road Runners. The dark years and the death of performance, the rebirth of the muscle car, and the modern interpretations of the breed including the new Camaro, Mustang, and Challenger. You need to get this! These are now here in stock and can be sent to you for the same cost of shipping 1/18 cars (due to their heavy hardcover weight). Excellent and truly fun reading. Want one? 

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